About eProjects Panel

The eProjects Panel (supported by the eProjects Portal and Cyber Security Services Portal ) is a facility to enable agencies to procure project-orientated ICT services and cyber security services up to the value of $700,000 (including GST) from pre-qualified suppliers using a standardised contract and related processes. The facility includes:
  • the eProjects portal
  • the Cyber Security Services portal.
The intended benefits and objectives of the panel include:
  • Streamlining procurement processes
  • Reducing the cost of procurements
  • Reducing the risk of projects and procurements
  • Improving outcomes for projects
  • Improving access to government ICT procurements
  • Improving access to cyber security services
  • Reducing the cost of doing business with government
  • Improving knowledge sharing across government
  • Improving management information relating to in scope procurements
The panel uses a risk-based approach to determine insurance and liability requirements. The eProjects Panel facility includes: eProjects Portal Scope of projects include:
  • System development/deployment
  • System integration
  • Professional project services
  • Other information and technology project
Cyber Security Services Portal Scope of engagements include:
  • Investigation services
  • Security assessing
  • Security auditing
  • Security policy/strategy consultation
  • Security architecture and design
  • Security system development/analysis
  • Government security implementation
Owing to the specialised nature of Cyber Security Services, the eProjects and Cyber Security Services Portals have separate supplier memberships. For further information on the services provided by individual suppliers please refer to the relevant portal in the eProjects Panel.